Chasing Love Stories Mini Documentary Series

    Chasing Love Stories

    About the Series

    Chasing Love Stories is a mini documentary series highlighting the heartwarming love stories of seniors and Boomers who met by chance, and have lived their own version of “happily ever after” ever since.

    Why Love Stories?

    We pay $10 to watch a tangled web of stories in theaters. We invest monthly to keep up with the tales of our favorite Netflix characters on a weekly – or weekend-binge – basis. We spend our lives and free time chasing stories, but what we seem to forget that all along the way, we’re creating the best, most important stories of all – our own. And if you look around, you’ll realize your parents, your grandparents and your friends are all creating their own incredible stories of love and adventure, too.

    I’ve always been captivated by the idea of personal stories, these seemingly disparate moments that connect one chapter to the next and lead us to where we need to be. Perhaps it’s the tears I shed during the first scene of “Up,” or maybe it’s the never-ending questions I had for my grandma who was torn away from my grandpa in Lithuania during World War II, then miraculously reunited after his years as a prisoner of war. Either way, I get chills when I think about the chance moments that change our lives forever, and the love stories that unfold as a result.

    Chasing Love Stories is my way to capture these memories and tell this fascinating tales of love and happiness for a lifetime to come.

    Get involved

    I’m always looking for new couples to interview for this series, so if you know someone who’s a fit, please reach out at stephanie {at} stephanievermillionstudio {dot} com!