Documenting today's world for tomorrow's generations.

    I’m a firm believer that every creative needs an uninhibited space to explore their passions – the things that keep us at night and trigger our deepest emotions. Passion projects, as they’re sometimes called, can’t be forced. They’re not a way to gain fame or income. (In fact, they’re almost entirely not correlated with income!). They’re a way to explore, learn, diversify and ultimately enrich our creative lives.

    For me, these passions are best pursued through documentary filmmaking – the simple act of picking up my camera, finding a story that sparks my flame and chasing it with abandon. While starting down the Stephanie Vermillion Studio road, I’ve become committed to and emotionally invested in two particular projects that align perfectly with my interests:

    Chasing Love Stories

    While it’s hard to fathom today, couples years ago didn’t need social media or cellphones to fall in love. They met in person. They kept in touch through letters. They survived world wars. They started families with limited funds and big dreams.

    And, most impressively, they’ve kept the love alive for 50, 60 and even 70+ years. The mini-documentary series, Chasing Love Stories, tells these fascinating love stories, and preserves them for a lifetime to come. If you know a couple who has a wonderful love story to tell, please get in touch!

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    Films for Wildlife

    Real talk: I’m terrified about the future of our planet, and even more pressing, the future of the amazing wildlife species that call Earth home. After years feeling utterly helpless in the fight for wildlife conservation, I realized that, while perhaps small, I can make a difference. (And you can, too!)

    I’m now putting my hard-earned skills to use through the pro-bono initiative, Films for Wildlife. As part of this program, I travel across the globe to create awareness-building films for grassroots, local organizations doing what they can to help wildlife in their country. I’m always looking for new wildlife conservation organizations to help, so if you have any ideas, please reach out!  

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