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Beer people are my people

Growing up in a Lithuanian household, I knew about beer—and I'm talking good beer—since I was a kid. My uncles taught me the three essentials to life were 1) Beer (duh), 2) Bread (to soak up said beer), and 3) Phone (to get a ride home). They had no idea at the time that I'd turn around to make a living off of writing about beer and spirits. Here are some of the highlights:

Vice Munchies Writer

This Dutch vodka brand is "so" Holland—and so delicious. 

beer and culture writers

70-year-old brewer, Aldona Udriene, is doing all she can to save her heritage brews.

Mental Floss Writer Booze

Bartenders share their best tips for making the perfect mint julep. 

Fodors beer writer

With 800 brews and hole-in-the-wall-vibes, this spot is a beer lover's heaven. First, you have to find it.

Werner Callebaut Chocolate Beer

Trained chocolatier Werner Callebaut was set to join the family business. Instead, he chose beer.

Martini tips

Bartenders share their tricks for perfecting the martini.

Mental Floss Writer Pickleback Shots

Believe it or not, the pickleback shot has quite the hotly debated backstory. 

Wine writer

My non-scientific proof that wine cures all things, and is a household necessity. 

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