Films For Wildlife

What it is

Films for Wildlife is a pro-bono video service providing awareness-building films for local wildlife conservation groups. I travel around the globe to help small, grassroots wildlife organizations get the word out and raise funds and awareness for their extremely (and close to my heart) critical cause – saving animals.


It’s tough to be an animal lover today. From poaching to deforestation and canned hunting to climate change, the threats facing Earth’s incredible array of wildlife species are abundant – and growing. It’s enough to leave us feeling helpless, panicked and depressed – and that depression typically leads to inaction because it’s all just overwhelming.

I’ve been there. I used to change the channel when a video showed, say, polar bears dying from the effects of climate change. I knew what was happening, and it made me sick. But at the same time, what could I do?

Knowing there’s a problem – and that you can’t do anything to fix it – is the most heart wrenching feeling in the world.

But, after following the work of wildlife activists like Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, photographers/ videographers and founders of SeaLegacy, I realized the vital role video can play in wildlife conservation. Paul and Cristina reinforce over and over that yes, the state of the world needs to change if we want to save Earth’s beautiful species, but we’re actually making progress. They celebrate the small wins instead of focusing on the doom and gloom, showcasing that yes, we CAN make a difference.

With that inspiration in mind, I launched Films for Wildlife, a pro-bono video service that leverages my filmmaking skills for my most important cause of all, wildlife conservation. I may be one person, and I may only have one camera, but if I can help raise money and awareness for even one animal, I’ll consider my life a success!

Get involved

I’m always looking for local wildlife conservation groups to film with and raise awareness for. If you know an organization that needs my help, please reach out at stephanie {@} stephanievermillionstudio {dot} com.