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At the wise old age of 10, I decided on a career writing for National Geographic. This decision was likely fueled by NatGeo being the only magazine my parents subscribed to, combined with my avid love for wildlife and travel (yes, at 10 I actually did travel -- which is probably why I’m so obsessed today!).

Of course, like most 10-year-old dreams, I never became a full-time National Geographic reporter, but with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a spirit for storytelling I was able to create something even better – a side freelance career covering all things travel and wildlife.

From the World Toe Wrestling Championship in England to the Southwest’s most Instagram-worthy spots (not to mention breaking the news on Iceland’s first “inflatable hotel”), I cover unusual and under-the-radar travel and human interest stories.

Here are some highlights:

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Vice Munchies Writer

This Zero-Waste Distillery Is Turning Holland's Iconic Tulips into Vodka

This Dutch vodka experience is "so" Holland -- and so delicious. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 7.13.04 AM

Dead animals -- and their gruesome stories -- are the stars of this bizarre museum exhibit

A look inside the Natural History Museum Rotterdam's Dead Animals with a Story exhibit, and the peculiar way it got started. (Hint: a necrophiliac duck.)

Fodors writers

This Hidden Bar has the Best Beer in Tallinn

Koht, a small bar tucked away on Tallinn’s winding side streets, has hundreds of beer options – 800 bottles, to be exact – and an “intimate” atmosphere craft beer lovers will love.

roads and kingdoms writers

Lašinėčiai in Lithuania

During a family heritage trip to Lithuania, I was bound and determined to find grandma’s iconic “bacon buns” dish. Sure, I don’t eat meat, but I had to use this once-in-a-lifetime trip to pay tribute to one of the most influential women in my life.


4 Reasons Why Climbing Everest Is Deadlier Than Ever

Climate change is making the already deadly Mount Everest climb even deadlier. Here’s why you should proceed with caution if bagging Everest is on your bucket list.

beer and culture writers

The Fight to Save Lithuanian Farmhouse Beer

For 70-year-old brewer, Aldona Udriene, farmhouse beer isn’t a nice-to-have – it’s her lifeblood. In this article I explain how the “Queen of Lithuanian Farmhouse Brewing” is fighting to keep her beloved tradition alive.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.14.55 PM

South Africa is Home to the Ultimate Camping Experience

In this video for viral media platform, Unilad, I showcase the unique camping experience at Inverdoorn Game Reserve's Kuganha Camp, a one-of-a-kind facility that donates a portion of safari and lodging revenue to helping its rescued animals.

Mental Floss Tapirs wildlife journalist

The Endangered Baird's Tapir Can Help Combat Climate Change

The Baird’s Tapir may look peculiar, but this endangered Central American animal is integral to fighting climate change. Here’s how millennials across Costa Rica are pitching in to help.


10 Instagram-Worthy Destinations In The Southwest

From Las Vegas to Lower Antelope Canyon, the Southwest is full of landmarks and landforms that will “up” your Instagram game - and awaken your senses - on any trip. Here are 10 of the best.


Inside England’s Annual Toe Wrestling Championship

While Americans may think baseball’s the best summer pastime, residents in Derbyshire, England, welcome a more unusual “sport” to their town every August - toe wrestling. Yes, you read that right -- toe wrestling.

Adorama Filming

8 Tips for Filming on a Safari

In this article for camera retailer Adorama, I share what I've learned from filming multiple safaris abroad to ensure that once-in-a-lifetime experience can be watched over and over again. 


48 Hours in Death Valley: A Road Trip Guide

All the essentials for planning the perfect road trip through Death Valley, California, one of the hottest places in the world.


9 Thoughts Anyone With Wanderlust Experiences When Their Adventure Comes To An End

Returning from vacation is the absolute worst. Here are the emotions you can expect when your dream trip comes to a close.


Vote for your favorite attraction in New Jersey!

Served as a guest expert for USA Today/ 10Best’s top attractions in New Jersey contest.

Spin Sucks

Repurpose Content with These Six Tools

You spend hours upon hours creating solid content -- don't waste it on a one-and-done strategy! In this article for PR and marketing blog, Spin Sucks, I highlight six of the best ways you can get the most bang for your content buck.

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