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    Today’s business world is more cluttered than my closet, which makes standing out as a small business darn near impossible.  You know your business is different. You know that if consumers understood the heart of your company—what makes you you, beyond solely products or services—they’d join your tribe.

    And guess what? You’re right.

    Consumers today want to feel emotionally connected to their purchases. They want to know the inspiration for that gorgeous fashion line, or the face behind the new local restaurant.

    So how do we make it happen?

    I’ll give you one guess.

    If you’re on my website under the company video section, I’m going to bet you guessed video. And yet again, you’re right.

    A company video regales consumers with the story of your brand and its products or services – how they came to be, the employees that serve as the foundation and the small little quirks that make your business unique. And, even better, they get to hear all of this from you—the face of the company—or your employees in a casual, conversational way.

    My small biz videos are authentic, honest and intimate; they feel like you’re talking shop over a hot cup o’ jo in an uber-cozy coffeehouse. They’re designed to build connections, grow brand loyalty and, ultimately, reach those business goals.

    But how can one little video do all that?

    Think about it this way: If you had the choice between purchasing from a complete stranger versus purchasing from an acquaintance you bonded over coffee with, who would you choose?


    If you're ready to share your small biz story through film, reach out! Have further questions? Read on...

    What are the benefits of creating a video for your business?

    • Build brand loyalty: Videos drive connection between business owner and consumer, and connections turn passive consumers into loyal fans

    • Attract new customers: Visual content lets you get in front of new customers across digital and social platforms

    • Establish thought leadership: Show and own your industry expertise in a powerful way

    • Stand out from competitors: Your product or service is more than a price tag; this gives you the chance to visually show why your offerings stand out

    • Demonstrate products or services: Make falling in love with your product foolproof through a helpful video guide on how to correctly use it!

    What are the types of videos used for business marketing?

    • Highlight video: A quick video showcasing what your company is, who you serve and how you got started

    • Product/ service demonstration: A tutorial-style video demonstrating how to correctly use your products or services

    • Campaign-specific video: Timely videos to spread awareness of a new campaign or celebrate an anniversary

    How much does a small business video cost?

    • The hourly rate for filming and editing a small business video is $150, with most projects (filming plus editing) taking between 10 – 15 hours from filming to completion.

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