Wildlife Journalist

Stories of animals near and far

Wildlife has always been my number one cause; that's why I started the pro-bono film initiative, Films for Wildlife. For centuries (and longer), animals have suffered due to man's choices, so I try to use my voice however I can to make a difference. My wildlife writing—which also includes coverage of stray dog rescue groups—has been published in outlets such as Mental Floss and Mic. Coverage includes:

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This exhibit highlights the stories of taxidermied animals and the conservation issues they symbolize.

Wildlife Journalist

A look at the tapir species and the organization is fighting to save it. 

A Trek to Save the Tapirs _ Wildlife Journalist

This four-page spread for women's adventure magazine Intrepid highlights my trip filming tapirs with Nai Conservation.

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At Inverdoorn Game Reserve's Kuganha Camp, safari revenue supports rescued animals.

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