Adventure journalist and photographer

Stories of travel, culture, astrotourism & conservation.

Adventure journalist & photographer

Stories of travel, culture, astrotourism & conservation.

adventure journalist & photographer

Hey! I'm Stephanie.

I’m a journalist, photographer, soon-to-be author, and avid seeker of all things awe and adventure. I uncover, research, and share stories of culture, adventure, astrotourism, and conservation for outlets and brands like National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Vogue, Travel & Leisure, the World Wildlife Fund, and AFAR.

As a professional photographer, I also create images and portraits to bring my adventures and stories to life, be it aurora hunting alongside fuzzy ponies in Iceland's far-flung Westfjords, camping on the Greenland ice sheet in a snowstorm, or monitoring nesting leatherback turtles with Indigenous conservationists in a far-flung corner of Panamá.

To the detriment of my health/ sleep schedule, I'm also obsessed with the night sky. I'm one of Travel & Leisure's space news correspondents, and my first book, 100 Nights of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Adventures After Dark (published by National Geographic and Disney Publishing) debuts in December 2024. 

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new book!

publishing dec. 3, 2024

My debut book, 100 Nights of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Adventures After Dark, published by National Geographic, spotlights beloved and lesser-known twilight marvels, from aurora hunting by dog sled to firefly festivals, glowing squids, lantern releases, and more!

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MY "Why"

I love globe-trotting as much as the next person,

but this travel and adventure writing career isn’t about pursuing my own bucket list. I know that, as a travel journalist, I have a platform. The words, photos, and recommendations I share reach, and can inspire, real people—be it the governor who instituted sweeping accessibility changes at statewide eclipse events after reading my National Geographic “eclipse listening” article, or the woman who planned a post-chemotherapy retreat with her husband after reading my northern lights story in Vogue.

Anecdotes like these have helped me hone my career’s raison d'être, and this “why” makes me pretty picky about the trips I take and stories I pursue. I want my words and photos to:

  • Help readers fall in love with (then protect!) our planet,
  • Inspire enriching, lower-impact travels that equitably benefit communities, and
  • Spark awe, wonder, and a zest for this one precious life.

Okay, okay, and I do like to have a little (lot) of fun while bringing these stories to fruition!

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