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My astrotourism expertise stems from a deep personal fascination with the night sky. I find grounding and much-needed perspective among the stars, planets, and aurora swirls; that’s why I chase night-sky wonders around the world, from hunting auroras on sheep farms in Greenland to chasing meteor showers in dark-sky parks.

They say write what you know, so I turned this night-sky love into a large part of my career. I regularly pen stories about astrotourism, northern lights, the midnight sun, and twilight safaris and treks for publications like National Geographic, Outside, Vogue, and AFAR. I’m also one of Travel & Leisure’s space news correspondents, which includes previewing each month’s night-sky attractions.

In addition to journalism, my astrotourism expertise extends to on-camera work and interviews, night-sky filmmaking (esp. timelapses), astrophotography, and social media content. See below for more, and reach out if you’re seeking an astrotourism consultant, creator, writer, or expert.

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new book!

publishing dec. 3, 2024

My debut book, 100 Nights of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Adventures After Dark, published by National Geographic, spotlights beloved and lesser-known twilight marvels, from aurora hunting by dog sled to firefly festivals, glowing squids, lantern releases, and more!

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On-Camera Astrotourism Expert

Whether it's tips on planning your next (or first) stargazing road trip with Roadtrippers or talking all things northern lights with RM World Travel Radio, I love sharing my enthusiasm and expertise for astrotourism on-camera or in podcast interviews.

Astrotourism Journalist

I’ve written about the northern lights, eclipse chasing, stargazing, and meteor showers—from how to chase these wonders to the best hotels to see them—for outlets like National Geographic, Vogue, AFAR, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Outside, Lonely Planet, and more.


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Stargazing Social Media Content

From northern lights timelapses to stargazing 101 reels, I've produced numerous astrotourism social media videos for media outlets and tourism boards, including...

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