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I’m the kind of person who plans travels around a new moon (it’s best for stargazing!), picks accommodations based on light pollution and aurora potential, and will change an entire road trip itinerary if cloud-cover forecasts don't cooperate. Basically, I’m an astrotourist—like, a hardcore one—and who better to write about astrotourism than someone who lives and breathes it?

I write about stargazing, aurora hunting, meteor showers, eclipse chasing, night safaris, after-dark diving, twilight festivals, and the like for numerous publications (see below). I’m also one of Travel & Leisure’s space-news correspondents, and my first book—100 Nights of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Adventures After Dark—debuts with National Geographic and Disney Publishing in December 2024.

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Northern Lights & Stargazing

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publishing dec. 3, 2024

My debut book, 100 Nights of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Adventures After Dark, published by National Geographic, spotlights beloved and lesser-known twilight marvels, from aurora hunting by dog sled to firefly festivals, glowing squids, lantern releases, and more!

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