I’m Stephanie Vermillion, a travel journalist and photographer sharing stories at the intersection of culture and adventure—the tales of the people, movements, and history behind our beloved great outdoors. But it’s not all work, no play.

    When I’m not writing, researching, or happily jetsetting, you can find me hiking or kayaking through my home parks in Cleveland (lookin’ at you CVNP!), hitting up some local craft breweries, or road-tripping throughout the gorgeous Great Lakes region with my husband, Frank, and our little rescue pup, Harry. I’m also wildly obsessed with chasing auroras and the Milky Way; I’ll talk your ear off if you ask for tips—consider yourself warned.

    Get in touch! In addition to journalism, I'm open to travel/outdoor-adjacent content marketing and photography work. Open to PR pitches, too, but please take a look at my portfolio to make sure it's a fit.