Hey! I'm Stephanie.

    I'm a travel journalist and photographer covering stories at the intersection of culture & adventure. My reporting has led to countless wild adventures. Swimming with sharks in Tahiti. Camping on an ice sheet in—actually, scratch that. Instead of boring you with a list of all the places this career's taken me, here's a rundown of what I write about, and why. (But do scroll the gallery if you're curious about my past trips!)

    I write, photograph, & film to share the ways travel can help people, animals, and the planet. I dig for stories about community-led movements that tourist traffic (and dollars) truly support—think Belize’s new Garifuna Tourism Trail, which bolsters the Garifuna people’s push to revitalize their language and culture. I light up when I’m commissioned to cover a trend or phenomenon that sparks awe—hence my obsession with wildlife, astrotourism, the northern lights, bioluminescence, diving, and just about anything that deepens our love for planet Earth.

    I spend a good chunk of my time traveling, but equally prioritize time at home to breathe, hike, journal, think, and chill with my family (husband Frank + adopted pup Harry!) in Cleveland.

    More important than anything else on this page: I've never met a slice of pizza I don't like.